One of the most prestigious universities in the country is centered in North Delhi is a large hub called the North Campus. What is popularly called DU’ – Delhi University for short, has about 83 colleges affiliated to it, many of them spread all over the city, but North Campus with its concentration of premier colleges, institutions, and hostels is the beating heart of student life. DU was founded in 1922, but its oldest and most prestigious colleges had already been around for decades: ST Stephens dates to 1881 and Hindu College to 1899. Ramjas College (1917) too predated DUs formation. A much sought after college is Sri Ram College of commerce, popularly called SRCC, founded in 1932. ST Stephens was initiative of an Anglican Mission. Its current building in the campus dates to 1941 and includes a peaceful chapel as well as a prestigious library. A certain snob value never quite gets detached from Stephans Its canteen is called Caféand its hotels are called Hall of Residence”.
Ramjas College was named after founder Rai Kedar Naths father and began life in Daryaganj. Kiroro Mal College (1954) has an excellent Drama Society _ The Players and counts Amitabh Bachan among its alumni. Hansraj College and Miranda House well-known institutions, with the latter are a prestigious all-girls college. Delhi School of Economics (1949) is a venerable centre of post graduate education which has counted legends like Amartya Sen, Andre Beteille and M.N. Srinivas as faculty.
Come summer and the long queues of college hopeful clutching admission forms, daunted by DUs high cut off marks, make headlines. Later in the year, the cultural festivals of the college take over: Mecca at Hindu, Tempest at Miranda Crossorads at SRCCMake the campus reverberate with theatre performances, rock music, quizzes and even more attendance in the canteen than usual!
If students are here, can Maggi and street food be far behind? DU has become an institution in their own right. For instance, the mince cutlets scrambled egg in ST Stephens Café and the mutton dosas, egg rice or vadas at Delhi School of Economics for another (Though jelly with cream and masala coke are the two off-beat loves). But the under-graduate really comes into her own street nourishment. So, stop by near Patel Chest Institute for some excellent bhelpuri at Bhelpuri Corner. Near the Daulat Ram amd Ramjas crossing, find Tom Uncle, a local landmark purely on strength of his Maggi.

An acquired taste is the Egg Dosa, offered at the South Indian Café, at PG Menss Hostel: it is an omellet but with the potato stuffing that goes into Dosas. 

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